What We Do

Widhya Asih Bali Foundation raises Bali’s most vulnerable children.

Bali is the world’s living paradise. Its natural beauty and world class hotels and spas are alluring destinations for holiday pampering in an ancient, inspired setting. But behind the lush landscape, away from the white sands beaches and 5-Star luxury, is a heartbreaking tableau of indescribable poverty. The most vulnerable victims of that inequity are Bali’s poorest children.

Widhya Asih means “Knowledge with Love”. This is what we give our children, along with hope. Real hope, for a life that promises some of the everyday luxuries∼food, clothing, a full education, a safe place to live∼that Bali’s many visitors enjoy as a birthright back home.

We run a professional organization. And we take pride in defining what success looks like.

Unlike many children’s service agencies, we set whole life goals for these children and measure tangible proofs of their progress at frequent, critical intervals. We hold ourselves accountable for the achievement of our goals, which in turn demonstrates accountability to the children and helps them accomplish their own developmental objectives.

Our strategic goals cover not just our ambitions for the children, but for the children home infrastructure and Widhya Asih Bali’s own sustained health.

We spell out standards of hygiene, physical safety, stimulating activities and educational resources that comprise a “nurturing environment”. Enrolling and working toward a clearly mandated policy of gender equality is a stated strategic goal. We cultivate a strong international network of volunteer support, bringing vested parties from all over the world to our constellation of children homes ∼ not just to work on buildings and grounds but to interact with the children, as an extension of their “world intelligence” education. We maintain performance standards for our children home staff, and train and encourage everyone to aspire to a higher form of service to our kids.

At the core, we bring a moral compass into all our work, and keep at the forefront of all our interactions the humanity and dignity of these beautiful, beloved children.

How do we define “success”?

Success, at the minimum, means a child completes high school, passes the national exam, and secures sustaining employment – all accomplished within a loving and nurturing context. Anything short of this is considered, by our standards, to be a failure of our mission.

Beyond that, every child with the desire and the academic record is encouraged to apply to University. We then make every effort to support their commitment with continuing financial aid.

We provide every child a nurturing environment..

quality health care, nourishing food and, along with their formal education, access to additional training in life skills that will help them break the cycle of poverty for good.

We lift these children, through education and dedicated care, out of that poverty. They, in turn, translate the gifts they’ve been given into a healthier life intelligence that helps raise the standard of living for all people throughout Indonesia.

Who are our children?

Our girls and boys, ranging from age 4 to 22, come from extremely impoverished families, or they are victims of violence or exploitation. Some have only one parent who, in desperation, sends their young child into the labor of force to help put food on the table. Some have no family at all and find themselves abandoned, alone in the world, at the mercy of strangers. the girls would likely be married off in their early teens, bearing three or more children before the age of twenty-one.

These are intelligent, capable children who, by mere accident of birth, lack life’s most fundamental opportunities. Without Widhya Asih Bali, most of them would spend their lives working the rice paddies of performing other menial labor. They would never know what it is to read a book or write a letter, or to experience the richness of a life of educated awareness. Growing up in Widhya Asih Bali gives them hope for a healthy, fulfilling future – as children and adults.

Widhya Asih Bali empower Bali’s otherwise overlooked children, giving them a chance at the kind of life that most people around the world take for granted.

Widhya Asih Bali needs YOUR support!

Raising and educating over 400 children, while maintaining the infrastructure of six children homes scattered across Bali, requires significant resources. A five-year Strategic Plan to guide development and growth is in place, and a key part of that plan is to become more self-sustaining through local partnership and closely held business operations.

But finding money for present day support of each child and the many infrastructure costs is an ongoing challenge, and funds are chronically short.