Success Story

Officially, Widhya Asih Bali Foundation’ sponsorship ends at age 18. But the connections and relationships that child makes with our organization, staff and sponsors lasts a lifetime. In every area that Widhya Asih serves, formerly sponsored children are leading the way to a bigger and brighter future for themselves and community. Now, through their stories, we realized they have made differences and changed their lives!

Previously, I Wayan Mariasa looks like any other 7-year-old little boy, active, plays with action-figures and other toys. Unfortunately, Mariasa is one of the nearly 1-in-4 children living in poverty in Bali. His parents barely squeak by on an income far below the poverty line. For Mariasa, life is something to be struggled with, but he was just a child growing up in Bali.

He came to Widhya Asih children home in Blimbingsari in 1999, he looked tiny and ulcers on his body and scabies, couldn’t speak Indonesia well, a shy boy, introvert, and really bad condition. 75 % of children who came to children have scabies. Pastor Kastu one of Christian Balinese Church pastor brought him to Widhya Asih. Mariasa came from Hindu `s family, his father already died meanwhile his mother got married to other man.

He lived in small village, it is called Subaya, Kintamani, Bangli Regency (the middle of Bali). To reach Mariasa ‘s home, we need to drive up a narrow road. However, once you go up the road you can see their home. Every morning, Mariasa left his home at 5am to get to school, which is about 12 miles away on foot. It is long way walk for  a little boy.

Mariasa has made progress since he started his new life in Widhya Asih children home in Blimbingsari. Mariasa loved his school and his book work. His caregivers tried to help him with homework, how to keep personal hygiene, discipline, life skill, understanding God`s love and everything about life.

When he joined Widhya Asih, he was very anxious to learn everything. He tried so hard to read, struggling and got highly self-motivated. Even, he was a little bit slow and couldn’t hold a pencil, attempted to read unfamiliar words instead of skipping over them and guessing for fear of embarrassment. Now He’s more self-confident, a cheerful boy, diligent, he grow up and learn very well. In 2011, he finished his Senior high School and continued his study to Satya Wacana University of Salatiga, majoring Theology. He had studied at GKJ (Christian Church Java) congregation of Salatiga, in Central of Java. He was assigned in a church and served congregation at GKJ Salatiga for 1 year.

Unbelievable, Mariasa who use to be difficult to speak in front of people, nowadays he could manage himself to finish his studies and he was able to serve congregation at Sunday service. The congregation is feeling blessed. This success that can be overcomed by Mariasa.

Finally, on this October 2015 he will be graduate as bachelor of theology and after that he really wanted to get back to his family and declare about God`s love to everyone at his village. We proud of him, our child have a better future. Difficulties are not obstacle to move and discipline is the most important thing for Mariasa’s success.

Mariasa, Kintamani

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