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Blimbingsari Children Home

Lost in vegetation and palm trees, on the Western side of the island, is Blimbingsari Children Home of the Widhya Asih Bali Foundation, which is near the largest Christian Protestant Church in local area. The small village of Blimbingsari was elected, but the place is not neutral: in a shape of cross, it was build in the 1940’s as a refuge for persecuted Christian people. Times have changed, but the spirit remains: the place is still a refuge for tens of children – from surroundings and the whole of Indonesia – searching for love and security.

Bali Children Home of Widhya Asih in BlimbingsariThe Blimbingsari children home has around 80 children, ages from 4 to 18 years old. Their needs are fully satisfied: Stomach, Heart and Brain.Their days are regulated by meals, school, daily and education tasks, as well as prayers and songs. You will be struck by the peace of religiosity and the community spirit of the place, as well by the values of solidarity, friendship and mutual aid among children.

The children home is fully equipped with facilities, such as lavatories, bedrooms, kitchen, refectory and so on. The large garden, with coconut, papaya, mango and banana trees, is the best playground kids have ever had. They are kept busy with animals (pigs, fishes) the playing area and the endless discoveries that nature offers.

Every child believes in life, and has  been said by the motto of the children home: They are creating a better future..their future. You are welcome to visit us whenever you want and to stay in one of our four special guest houses.

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Singaraja Children Home

Created in 1980, the Singaraja Children Home is located in Singaraja, two hours driving away from Denpasar. The city, situated in the North of Bali, is the second largest city of the island. What is very striking when arriving in the children home is the broad organic garden, in which are growing several species of plants, in particular many kind of vegetables grown by children to fulfill daily their need.

Bali Charities in SingarajaWidhya Asih Singaraja Children Home welcomes almost 70 children from 7 to 18 years old, going to Elementary, Junior and Senior High School. When school ends, they can enjoy taking care of animals, as the structure has also a large pool with fishes and so on.

The leader, Putu Franky Wardana who has been taking care of children for 3 years. He has a long term vision in turn the orphanage into a place of harmony with nature and where children never get bored thanks  to numerous activities, such as gardening, sewing, Balinese dance and Batik making projects.

For the comfort of the children, many buildings have been renovated or recently built. This is, for example, the case of the library where children can exchange, read books and learn information on some computers. Moreover, to improve the life quality within the children home, children sell their creations (art, fashion clothes..) in a showroom. the specialty of the children home is Batik.

The place, equipped with two simple guest houses, can welcome until 4 persons. You are welcome to visit us whenever you want and to stay in one of our four special guest houses.

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Badung Children Home

A sinuous road among palm trees and rice fields leads to the children home in Untal-untal, thirty minutes away North of Denpasar. The particular establishment specialize in welcoming girls. Among these girls, aged from 11 to 20 years old, 51 out of 73 are currently living within the structure. The others are now managing on their own, even if they still receiving benefit from the help and support of the children home. Technically speaking, most of the  girls are not “orphans”, but coming from families with very poor living condition.

Bali Children Home for girlsBill & Pat Taylor, the main donators of the children home, recently renovated the  brand new-building. This American parent foundation, through Give2Asia, supports each girl at rate of US $ 400 per year. The children home also benefits from the support of local sponsors, such as the supermarket “Bali Deli”  for food supplies.

The structure provides children formal education, junior through high school. Many of them continue on to University to enter their professional life. A lot of extra-activities are also offered in the afternoon, such as English, French and Japanese classes, singing, dancing, musical (Kulintang) and painting workshops.

The pride of the Untal-untal children home remains in the souvenir and sewing activities which receive orders for hand made products from local or sometime abroad.

More than ten girls are still on waiting list. Please help  us here at the children home as these children pursue their better life. Feel free to contact or to visit us at any time to meet these sweet kids. We will be happy to welcome you in one of our guesthouses specially prepared for you.

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Melaya Children Home

Three hours drive away from Denpasar, the Melaya children home located in Melaya (District Jembrana Regency), is hidden in the background, a large green area planted with palm and coconut trees. Created in 1987, the area was a wild and nature preserve. The peacefulness of the place was perfect to set up a children home, which quickly became a real paradise for  children.

The Melaya children home is used to be the biggest of the Widhya Asih Bali Foundation. But now it is specializing in Junior high school (75 % of the students), the structure welcomes 78 kids, boys (43), girls (35), from 11 to 21 years old.

bali children foundation in MelayaThe composition in U-shapes of the buildings – new and well kept – enhances the community spirit of the children home. In the middle, a beautiful patio, with an orchid greenhouse, is a meeting point for children. In the new kitchen, you can find the smiles of staffs, cooking many years tasty and nutritious dishes for children.

After school, children enjoy gardening and farming activities, such as eggplants, chili and many other plantation, as well as pigs and fish farming. In their daily tasks, two experienced gardeners help and teach them.

Some of students can have extra lessons in the afternoon if needed, but they also like to gather in the hall to play music, to dance and make handmade or sewing creations.

The leader of the children home gives priority to school and children understand the importance of education for their future. The arrival of foreign visitors is always an important event, which gives them opportunity to learn foreign languages and many things. We invite you to visit them and we are eager to welcome you here.

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Bangli Children Home

Lost in inner lands, the Bangli children home is located in the East of Bali, about half an hour away from Denpasar. With a small number of children, it welcomes 26 children, from 7 to 18 years old. Many of them are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents.

Bangli children home used to far the worst of the foundation in terms of living conditions. But now, they have new building that provides very good facilities.

The activities are not numerous since area of the children home is limited. One interesting place is the small garden behind the building where the children grow vegetables with different varieties of it. Once in a while, children go to the church located next to the building – to play band or Balinese dance.

Unfortunately, the orphanage does not benefit from financial support from the local government.  The only income from the Widhya Asih Bali Foundation and sometimes from a Church Congregation. Despite this environment, children are happy, friendly and very talkative. The visit of foreigners is always an important moment of escapism and exchange.

Any kind of material or financial donation would be appreciated, but do not forget that a smile means a lot for the one who receives it. Your visit would be highly enjoyed by these children looking for human and loving care.

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Amlapura Children Home

Amlapura children home is located in the Regency of Karangasem, more precisely in Amlapura, a small village in West of Bali, two hours driving from Denpasar. Behind the Christian Protestant Church, you will discover the children home, in a large and green area. Built in 1999, it welcomes 23 children, both boys (11) and girls (12) from 13 to 18 years old.

Most of them come from poor families, which do not have financial ability to send them to school. Here, children are living in a secure and peaceful environment, where they can learn for better future. Eventhough, there is not enough staff in charged there, days are well organized and the functioning of the structure is driven by simple rules: everyday different children are in charge of the preparation of meals and other for the cleaning or administration tasks.

After school, children can enjoy activities, such as football, volleyball, gardening or Balinese dancing. Girls like to spend their time making artificial flowers or watching television etc. Beyond the support of the foundation and government, the children home benefits from local donations, especially from a hotel that provides rice. Moreover Australian sponsors visit the children twice a year and their arrival is always a feast day. They bring them to the supermarket to go shopping.

There are still some children on the waiting list, but the children home is now unable to welcome them. The next step in the long term plan would be to extend the buildings, in particular a new dormitory in order to enhance the capacity of beds, furniture such as beds, mattresses, pillows and blanket – would also be needed. We count on your generosity to make this project come true.

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