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In Chinese philosophy, there is Yin and Yang. In simple terms, Yin-Yang means dark and light. In the light there is darkness and is darkness there is light. However, both those sides complement each other, depend on each other, affect each other and provide harmony.
Yin-Yang Yin-Yan is always associated with feminine and masculine principles, weak and strong, light and dark, falling and rising, earth and sky etc. They cannot be mixed, but always go hand in hand, complementing and coloring the journey of the lives of humans. That is Widhya Asih children`s Home Blimbingsari wrestles with various obstacles to head towards God’s love specifically for those who need it. That is why, like Yin and Yang, all incidents and experience cannot just be viewed from its success, however, we learn from shortcomings, thus Widhya Asih Children`s Home Blimbingsari has further widened its reach in delivering services.
Gratefulness and appreciation was expressed by Widhya Asih Children`s Home Blimbingsari. We pray and give thanks together on Saturday ( 14/6/2015) . some the children performance , talent show , barbeque corn time activity and giving present/reward who was the best achieve at school .Finally the children receive graduation from school and they will continue to next level .
Thanks Lord for the blessing .The event completed by talent show , parade music and reward of the year, and ending by campfire. said Ni Luh Warningsih, S.Pd. as a head orphanage. We finish 9 pm at night On their faces were wide excited smiles to build hope for their dream.

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