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Widhya Asih Bali Children Foundation - Medical Treatment Program

Medical Treatment Program by GKA ZION Denpasar

Blimbingsari – Saturday (13/6/15), Who wants to work without getting paid? Who wants to work overtime without earning money? In a time where money rules, fortuitously we can find people who would give his time and effort without pay.

Amazing Day approximately fourthly of people fill a field at Blimbingsari village and visit to orphanage. They are mostly doctor who are members of the Doctor in Denpasar. They did not come to demonstrate, or to fight. Not even for recreation. But they came to share love with others by giving education and free medicinal Treatment Program
this is program from GKA Christian Church Abdiel Zion Denpasar This is the fourth time the event has been held to the community at Bali. They come from different parts of the Church. Then There are give educated to the children how to teeth brush and the children practice directly. we have to brush our teeth softly and twice every daily, don’t forget to brush our teeth before go to sleep said the trainer. the children got personal hygiene and herbal drink , it was nice.
One of doctor Mr. Harsono Budiprananto as a Doctor special of children said. that seeks to realize the God’s love by inviting all people to teach the community how to keep hygiene And support medicinal treatment . As long as we are healthy, we should help

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