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Bali Bridge in Amlapura

A visit from Bali Bridge

During 10-13th of October 2015, we had a visit from families of Bali Bridges Singapore. They were coming to Widhya Asih Bali Children Home in Amlapura which consisted of 5 families. These families which group of parent and children, conducting mural and cloth lines projects for children home in Amlapura. In addition, during their voluntary days, some activities like teaching children how to operate a laptop, teaching English, play together, cook together also completing and coloring the activities.

On the first day they, they began with welcoming party where also they explained the purpose of their coming to Amlapura children home to the children. On this trip, they donated 10 units of laptops to the children, clothes, and sports equipment and cards. Furthermore, to facilitate their activities at children home they divided themselves into two groups. The first group lead by Mr. Rhys, he was assigned to work on mural painting activity, while the second group lead by Mr. Barry, which his duty was to help working on the clothesline. The first day’s activities ended with playing together until almost evening.

On the second day, they continued mural painting and clothesline project. On the mid day, they cooked for the lunch menu for all together. It was “Tomato Pasta” of Bali Bridge group with of course delicious Creamy Apple dissert. In addition, they did some kind of activities together like playing volley ball, football game, cards, and making handicraft. They donated volley ball and washing machine for children in Amlapura. There were story behind it, where the waching machine was donated by Riley, a 9 year old boy who sells snacks in the school, and the money were given to buy new washing machine. In the afternoon, they had a dinner party along with a menu of barbeque held at Warung Farmers Padangkerta, where became their farewell dinner.

The third day they continued with mural and finishing the clothlines, where also Helen and several other students taught the children how to operating laptop. And Leah with several other students went shopping to buy fruits, ice cream, and children personal hygiene such as shampoo, detergent, toothbrush, soap, etc. That day was the last day, and it was end up in farewell session. Thank you very much for having Amlapura children as a part of the family and see you.

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