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Tripper triggers children interest of English with dozens of dictionaries

We, Widhya Asih, strongly believe that every child has a right to access an education and education itself is the important key to break cycle of poverty. As providing formal education  for children living in our six Children’s Home is one of our mission, the Widhya Asih Foundation keeps working to establish a mutual-cooperation with people and organizations which have same mission to ours.

On April 26th 2017, Johan Orsingher (CEO of Tripper) and Roeland Hoekstra (Manager) met the Board of Widhya Asih to discuss potential support from Tripper for our organization. As this company also believes that the education is crucial in the development of a country, Tripper wanted to be a part of the Balinese society through supporting the work of Widhya Asih on education. The Director of Widhya Asih, I Made Budiarsa, on the meeting said, he is looking forward to esablishing a mutual cooperation between Tripper and Widhya Asih near future.

We want to thank Tripper for its commitment to support children of Widhya Asih by providing 70 new proper English dictionaries. The procurement of dictionaries will benefit our childrens skills in English language. On Friday, June 23rd, Roeland visited our Children’s Home located in Badung to personally deliver those dictionaries and then within a week all of them had been distributed to the 6 Children’s Home in various locations across Bali.

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