Meet the Children

of Widhya Asih Bali Foundation
Bali Children Foundation

Our Children

Our girls and boys, ranging from age 4 to 22, come from extremely impoverished families, or the are victims of violence or exploitation. Some have only one parent who, in desperation, sends their young child into the labor force to help put food on the table. Some have no family at all and find themselves abandoned, alone in the world, at the mercy of strangers. the girls would likely be married off in their early teens, berating three or more children before the age of twenty-one. These are intelligent, capable children who, by mere accident of birth, lack life’s most fundamental opportunities. Without Widhya Asih, most of them would spend their lives working the rice paddies or performing other menial labor. They would never know what it is to read a book or write a letter, or to experience the richness of a life of educated awareness. Growing up in Widhya Asih gives them hope for a healthy, fulfilling future – as children and as adults. Widhya Asih empowers Bali’s otherwise overlooked children, giving them a chance at the kind of life that most people around the world take for granted.

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