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Widhya Asih Bali Children Foundation - 29th IWC St Andrew's University

29th International Work Camp of St Andrew’s University

International Work Camp from St. Andrew’s University Osaka Japan, has been held during student summer vacation from 18th August – 4th September 2015 in Widhya Asih children home Blimbingsari and Melaya. This annual voluntary work brought 20 students from many faculties in St Andrews’s University along with 4 students from Undhira, accompanied by 4 staffs spent almost 17 days in Bali in order to help and support Widhya Asih caring impoverish disadvantage children. Continuing last year project which was making concrete wall by the river side of Melaya children home, this year they continued the existing wall which aimed to provide secure shelter for all of the people who stay inside the children home. Because we believe by building fence wall line, children will be safe from the possibility of outsider criminal’s act and also theft rate will decreasing.

As the main issue this project chosen, that Widhya Asih 5 in Melaya has an extensive landscape to be look after. 50% of the area is used for building facilities and the rest used for agriculture and farming. Unfortunately, since many years ago, the property is only covered around 40% by fence wall line. As a result, few children lost their belonging in the laundry which is located nearby uncovered border line.

During their voluntary work, the Japanese students also could learn many things from this International Work Camp. For example, all student stayed with Blimbingsari villagers had cross culture experience with their host family who acomodated them during worck camp. Simple things that would be the unforgetable moment for them during their stay like when they had to struggle communicate using Indonesia language, how to use Indonesian bathroom, how Balinese family living situation look like, teaching Japanese in some local schools etc.

This 29th work camp that took “Kebahagiaan” as a theme, which mean “Happiness” in Indonesia langguage, according to group member commited that by doing this work camp they helped the children achieving their happiness in the future.

According to leader of this work camp Rev. Chaplain Isao Matsudaira stated that, “IWC is a pretty long project for the Japanese students. Students have to prepare for their activities from April, and then they come to Bali and work for the children with Indonesian students in almost three weeks. After they come back to Japan, the post-training is waiting for them. They have to create a booklet which introduces their own activities, and to hold a debriefing session on campus in December. Some may say a 9 months program is too long; however, the most students will be able to change their concepts and perspectives in good way through this program. I believe that IWC equips students’ logical thinking and grows warm hearts”.

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