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    21 Jul 2017
    We, Widhya Asih, strongly believe that every child has a right to access an education and education itself is the important key to break cycle of poverty. As providing formal education ...
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  • Widhya Asih Bali Children Foundation - 29th IWC St Andrew's University
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    08 Sep 2015
    International Work Camp from St. Andrew’s University Osaka Japan, has been held during student summer vacation from 18th August – 4th September 2015 in Widhya Asih children home Blimbingsari and Melaya....
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  • Widhya Asih Bali Children Foundation - Children's Library
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    08 Aug 2015
    Just as tender rice plant must be placed in fertile, enriched soil and carefully nurtured to full, healthy maturity, we at Widhya Asih make it our mission to nurture and enrich...
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  • Bali Children Foundation
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    07 Aug 2015
    Our girls and boys, ranging from age 4 to 22, come from extremely impoverished families, or the are victims of violence or exploitation. Some have only one parent who, in desperation,...
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Widhya Asih Bali Children Foundation

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Who We Are?

Widhya Asih gives several funds and other supporting facilities to ensure better living for communities and children, living on and under the poverty line. Read More..

Widhya Asih Bali

Vision and Mission

By providing safe and hygienic living space, nourishing food, access to formal education, quality health care, and additional training in wholesome values and productive life skills, we help impoverished people help themselves to break their cycle of poverty. Read More..

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